Tools for making balanced
homemade cat food:

Simplify making food for your cat with our Alnutrin Supplements developed to add all the important nutrients in one easy step.

All ingredients in our supplements are pure food grade products without silica, magnesium stearate or other processing additives.
We do not use any raw materials from China or India.

Recipe Library
Pick a recipe from our library.

Pet Food Regulation
Learn about pet food regulation and compare your homemade cat diet to AAFCO, NRC or CVMA nutritional guidelines.

Nutrient Calculator
This tool can help you to create homemade cat food using combinations of human foods plus Alnutrin with Calcium supplement and show you what the fat, calorie, mineral, vitamin and amino acid composition of your diet is.


Are you thinking about feeding your cat a healthy homemade diet?
There are many recipes available in books and on the internet, but how do you decide which ones are good enough to be fed over the long term without running the risk of mineral/vitamin deficiency or overdosing?
We decided to make this decision easier for you. With our tools you can easily eliminate the guesswork in making well-balanced homemade cat food.


Advantages of cooking for your cat

  • Select your own ingredients (fresh, good quality meat - regular or organic, free of antibiotics and steroids)
  • Avoid questionable additives like synthetic antioxidants, fillers and artificial preservatives
  • Make it palatable to your cat
  • Avoid by-products and contaminants
  • Construct a nutritional profile for dietary management of a disease for which no commercial food is available
  • Provide food variety in addition to commercial foods
  • Lower feeding costs while maintaining a high quality diet
  • Feed a diet with a known nutrient profile (some commercial pet food companies are not willing to disclose the nutrient profiles of their products)


We offer free formulation advice to our customers. We can help you to figure out the calcium - to - phosphorus ratio of your homemade cat food (without bones) or compile a nutrient profile of the diet.